Craft outside the ISS in the biggest dip tank of the world

Cosmonaut training

Ultimate experience in Star City

Nowhere on earth can you experience aerospace at close hand as you can here: The Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (GCTC) in Star City near Moscow has always been the centre for Russian space training. All ISS crews are trained here – and in this spectacular location you can experience the cosmonaut training.

The first training takes place in the TSF-18, the largest centrifuge in the world. Experience which forces impact the body when a rocket takes off and when it re-enters the atmosphere. You will complete your training like a cosmonaut in the pool in a special space suit: You will be prepared for the zero gravity operation and you carry out the procedures of a real space mission as a cosmonaut.

The cosmonaut training can be configured according to your individual requirements. Group bookings with various different programme schedules can be arranged on request.

Sit down in in the worldwide biggest centrifuge.zoom
ISS moduls in diving basin zoom
Juri Gagarin -  behind his back he is holding a rose for his wifezoom

The training modules:

  • Training in the centrifuge TSF-18
  • Training in the pool
  • Learning the procedures of a real space mission (in models of a spacecraft reproduced just like the original)
  • Celebration on completion with presentation of the certificate for passing the training

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Walter Drasl
Walter Drasl
Managing Director
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