Take off in a diffrent way -  zero gravity in Russia

Aerospace event modules

On the trail of Armstrong, Aldrin and Gagarin

There is practically nothing that fascinates people as much as the infinite expanses of outer space – and the journey there. For more than 14 years PRO TOURA has enabled you to have access to the world of aerospace and offers you unique events in the aerospace trainings centres. Take part in the big adventure of man: Experience zero gravity in Russia, fly to the edge of the space or complete cosmonaut training in Star City. Whichever aerospace event you choose: You will give your guests an experience which will remain in their memories forever.

Enter the ISS Columbus Modul in Colognezoom
Take a look at the training hall of the European Astronaut Centerzoom
Listen to an ESA astronaut as a keynotspeakerzoom

Our partners

From 2013 we will carry out your journey into the world of aerospace with our Space Affairs brand. Space Affairs has highly qualified international partners, contacts at the official space agencies (NASA, ESA, ROSKOSMOS), and private companies such as Xcor Aerospace, who will be sure to make your next mission unforgettable!


Our partners

One of the world’s leading providers of training for cockpit and cabin crews.

Lufthansa Aviation Training

All companies can benefit from the aviation industry's experience with A2B. 

Be a pilot for a day: ProFlight offers cockpit simulator flights for everyone.