Slide like a flight attendent during their emergency training!

Experience: flying safely

Turbulence is inevitable

With our event module “Experience: flying safely” you send your guests on an unforgettable trip: In the giant cabin simulators you will take off on flights that you most certainly will not have experienced. These high-tech machines, which weigh up to 70 tons, are mounted on hydraulic stilts and can simulate all kinds of turbulence extremely realistically. We offer you three modules with different durations and intensities:

Hopefully you chute only once - and that is with us!zoom
Apply the life vest on your own. zoom
Open the door on your own!zoom

Experience: flying safely – Basic

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

On the half-hour flight up to 20 persons can experience how the crew of a passenger aircraft prepares themselves for emergencies: sudden loss of pressure, an emergency landing on water – in just 30 minutes you will experience all the things that you have hopefully only seen in films and on the news.

This module can be incorporated perfectly into your evening event. On request, the up to three cabin simulators can be used in several rounds so that during the evening every participant has the chance to put their seatbelt on and enjoy their own personal flight experience. At the same time, the moving simulators provide special visual highlights!


Experience: flying safely – with evacuation

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

In addition to the basic programme, this module offers an extra highlight: the evacuation via the emergency slide. The module is an ideal active addition to your conference, a look behind the scenes or a seminar.


Experience: flying safely – 90 Seconds To Go

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

You are sitting relaxed in your seat and enjoying the flight. Everything is as always – and then suddenly: a loss of pressure in the cabin, fire outside the windows above the left wing, the oxygen masks fall down… According to the international authorisation regulations an aircraft has to be completely evacuated within 90 seconds in an emergency. Not a lot of time when you think that up to 555 passengers could be on board.
The crew are trained intensively and are examined every year to ensure that everything works perfectly in an emergency. PRO TOURA offers you the opportunity to be part of such an emergency exercise under the guidance of a Lufthansa Aviation Training instructor - under realistic conditions and in perfect simulation.

To begin with, a “Safety First” video shows you the procedures and code of conduct in the simulator. Then it gets serious: Aborted take-off, landing on the water or on an unsurfaced area, opening the doors and windows in an emergency... – the correct behaviour in an emergency is acted out in the cabin simulator. Spectacular highlight: On request your guests evacuate via the emergency slides.

Experienced instructors assist you in fighting solid and fluid fires and demonstrate the various fire fighting technologies in the fire extinguishing facility. Touching is, of course, permitted in the hands-on station: You will try on and test all elements of flight emergency equipment from the oxygen masks to the original lifejackets.
In addition, the concept of teamwork, which characterises the interaction of the airline crew on board, can be conveyed in a very impressive manner in this 1.5 hour event module.


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