Up close: the Airbus A380 simulator

Cockpit simulator flight

The dream of flying comes true

You taxi to the take-off position, increase the take-off thrust, take off, your co-pilot retracts the engine –

you are flying!

After the climb you set the aircraft on course and fly to your destination airport. You start the descent and prepare for landing and feel how the giant aircraft comes to a standstill.

It is not a dream: In a full flight cockpit simulator you have the feeling you are really flying – as a pilot of a giant commercial aeroplane. The machines that weigh tons and can be moved around all axes on hydraulic or electrical stilts, basically only differ from a real aeroplane by their fuel consumption. The cockpits match the originals up to the smallest detail. The vision system and the engine sounds make the illusion perfect – you will see raindrops on the cockpit windows and hear the squeal of tyres on landing – and yet you are still at an altitude of zero. Make your dream come true and give your guests unforgettable moments.

Lufthansa and other airlines train their pilots in over 40 full flight cockpit simulators at Lufthansa Aviation Training: The fleet ranges from the Boeing 737 to the Jumbo Jet Boeing 747-8 and the giant of the air, the Airbus A380.

Welcome to the cockpit of the Boeing 747-8zoom
The full flight cockpit-simulators on moving tripods!zoom
Let's take off in the Airbus A380!zoom

"Be a pilot for a day": the course of action

Board your own personal cockpit simulator flight and forget all thoughts on the world outside the cockpit for a while.

In the briefing with a pilot you find out why an airplane flies, for example. The most important instruments and handles are explained to you so that you can take off and land the airplane safely yourself later. But don’t worry about there being too much theory: The experience is at the forefront and our pilots want you to take away unforgettable memories.

Afterwards you take the pilot seat. Under expert instruction from our experienced airline pilots you will take off yourself and land shortly afterwards at an international airport anywhere in the world.

The flight is followed by a debriefing – the so-called “manoeuvre criticism” – in which you receive your own personal flight certificate as a souvenir of this unique experience. Our pilots answer all your questions and give you interesting insights into their working life. For example, did you know why pilots never fly together as a team for a long period of time? You will found out here.

You don’t have enough time during your event for the whole cockpit simulator programme (at least three hours)? You are a larger group but you still would like to offer all your guests an insight into the fascinating world of the cockpit simulators? No problem. We are happy to prepare an individual concept for you. For example, you could go into the cockpit simulators in groups of four or five, visit the cockpit simulator halls, or just take part in a short “trial flight”.


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