The reception area of the EAC

European Astronaut Centre (EAC) Cologne

The training centre of the European aerospace

The European Astronaut Centre in Cologne is where the heart of manned European aerospace beats: Astronauts and cosmonauts from all over the world are prepared here for their space mission to the international space station ISS.

The EAC offers you the unique opportunity to present your company in the authentic world of astronauts – in a high-tech setting in the midst of spaceship modules and training facilities. You can experience the fascination of outer space here first hand together with your guests: either in action in a docking manoeuvre with a Soyuz capsule on the ISS – or in conversation with experienced instructors and astronauts.

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Astronaut training hall

  • For events with up to 120 persons
  • 1:1 model European spaceship ATV
  • Various modules of the ISS space station
  • Spacelab module

Meeting rooms

  • Modern conference and presentation technology
  • Auditorium with 3D projector
  • Briefing rooms with large touchscreen presentation walls


EAC European Astronaut Center 
Linder Hoehe 
51147 Cologne


Your contact for events in Cologne

Walter Drasl
Walter Drasl
Managing Director
Tel.: +49 421 - 24 133 11



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